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Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Knowledge

What is included in a complete set of PRIME Crush™?

  • one Prime Crush™ grinding machine 

  • 100 pieces of crushing cups 

  • cupholder

  • battery 

  • power cord & AC/DC adaptor 

Is the crushing cup recyclable?

We suggest the crushing cup be disposed of after crushing. You may at your own discretion to reuse.  However, if any visible damages or deformation is observed, please discard the cup.

Can I open the machine during the crushing process?

No, for safety reasons, the lid is locked during the crushing process until it finishes.

What should I do upon receiving my purchase?

Unpack the packaging of the product and check the parts mentioned above. Install the battery into the lower compartment and then tighten the screw.

Can I get 100% fine powder each time?

To obtain a full crushing effect, we suggest crushing up to 3 pills in each crushing (maximum load of 4 grams of tablets). When more medications are put for crushing, please repeat the process if needed.

What is the warranty of PRIME Crush™?

We offer THREE (3) YEARS limited warranty from the date of purchase.

How long is the lifetime of the battery?

The battery is rechargeable approximately 500 times. After this limit, the charging capacity may decrease. In case of a dead battery, please shop at our local dealer for replacement.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes. Disconnect the power source. Use only wet tissues to clean the compartment.

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