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pill crusher

Featured Item

PRIME Crush™ offer our customers:

  • a 22-seconds safe crushing your medications to a fine powder

  • no spill out of the instrument

  • ensuring the cleanliness of medication

  • refraining from repeated labour crushing

  • effortless cleaning procedures

  • low volume operation

  • high-performance rechargeable battery


Required consumables:

  • Reusable & food-grade cups - PC01

WeChat Image_20211108121617.jpg
WeChat Image_20211108121635.jpg

Pill Crusher

WeChat Image_20211108121800.jpg

AC/DC adapter

WeChat Image_20211108121811.jpg


WeChat Image_20211108121753.jpg

100 pieces crushing cups

Rechargeable lead battery

WeChat Image_20211108121805.jpg
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